Welcome to my site, this is a personal website to showcase my skills and interests, hopefully it will be interesting and informative to anyone who visits.

About Me

Degree qualified and experienced in a range internet technologies including: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, SEO and non-internet technologies, such as windows applications and local area networking.

I am a regular attendee of the PHP London meetup group. I'd highly recommend this for anyone using PHP and looking to get more involved in the PHP community.

27/03/17 - Proactive Password Checker

A PHP password analysis tool providing a way to check passwords chosen by users and provide feedback about potential vulnerability to password cracking. It will can also act as a filter to prevent weak password from being used.

Proactive Password Checker

13/1/16 - Script Timer

A simple script timer, can be added to a PHP script, to test the real-world execution time. I've made it as simple as possible to minimise CPU and memory usage, allowing it measure the execution time of a script without significantly influencing the result.

Script Timer